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I'm a volcanic eruption Then all of a sudden it's like spontaneous combustion And I'm all up in your face yellin': "Bitch, you can tell me nothin'
indie!lady deadpool rp; multiship; multifandom; claire holt fc; nsfw: smut/gore; selective
The greatest people you will ever meet; pepper potts;; shakira;; martha jones
Sometimes I edit stuff on photoshop. /shrugs I think they're okay anyway.
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the best part of this episode to me is that while all this shit has been going down for the past four seasons there’s just been a family of wendigos, killing people and keeping them in their meat locker, hanging out, minding their own business, somehow magically NOT throwing off various murder investigations with all the missing persons reports they totally had to have built up just for their feeding purposes

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Damian Wayne  art by Marcus To

Damian Wayne
art by Marcus To

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Is there any chance you yourself are a time traveller?
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It’s really hard for me to decide what to do, I got so many really fun requests!!
Next is Clint, I miss him and his butt 

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you can call me luci.


you can call me luci.

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  • I am a: Superhuman
  • My weapon is: Scepter
  • I work for: World Security Council
  • Best Friend: Clint Barton
  • Lover: Steve Rogers
  • Saves me: Natasha Romanoff
  • Crushing on me: Jane Foster
  • Enemy: Bruce Banner
  • Kills me: Pepper Potts
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